Buying prints

Favoured and popular sizes sold as Stock :

15”x10” Satin Finish print in a Pale Ivory Mount (To fit a 20”x 16” Frame) £60.00 (Print only £50)

12”x 8” Satin Finish print in a Pale Ivory Mount (To fit a 16”x 12” Frame) £50.00 (Print only £40)

(Other sizes are available but in some cases, part of the image may be lost through cropping to achieve the requested size.)

All print prices are inclusive of Postage and Packing within the U.K. & N.I.

If ordering from outside the UK, please email me first for a quotation in your currency to include international delivery.

All mounted prints come in a sealed cellophane bag.

Panoramic prints are for sale as unmounted prints and are sized at 30" x 7.5" and priced at £65.00 each inclusive of p&p within the U.K and N.I. Please see the Panoramic Gallery for available prints.

All prints are produced professionally on to the highest standard on high quality photographic paper with a Satin finish. These are not inkjet prints.

Prints should be mounted under glass or similar protective covering to avoid discolouring, fading or other damage.

(1) Outdoors.
(2) In direct sunlight.
(3) In conditions of high temperature or humidity.
(4) In a location where the print will be exposed to water or condensation.

CLICK HERE to request a price or to order prints, giving full details of your requirements, ie, print name and size, not forgetting to add your name and an address for delivery.